Welcome to Thai- Chin, an Asian restaurant that has been operating in Tivon for more than 12 years. The dishes served in our restaurant were developed and inspired by a wide range of Asian cuisine of the Far East ( from which the name 'Thai-Chin' was derived; a variation of "Thailand- China").

Thai- Chin offers authentic wok dishes, excellent sushi that is made on the spot while using the freshest ingredients, handmade noodles, authentic tasting fish and seafood dishes, original desserts and more.

At Tai-Chin it is important for us to use only fresh, high quality, natural ingredients. Most of our dishes are prepared on the spot and from scratch, starting with the rice paper for the spring rolls to the freshly made noodles, including our own secret recipes for the sauces and dressings.

At Tai-Chin we also offer a high quality take out service so that our customers can enjoy the Asian experience at home or even at the office.

You are invited to visit us anytime for a delectable lunch or a pleasant relaxing dinner in true Asian style.

We proudly offer you an efficient and quality take out service.                                      To order call or go online


Adamama- soybeans served with lemon and coarse salt.

Chinese salad- a freshly made sweet and sour salad.

Mung salad- a glass noodles salad with: lettuce, tomatoes, celery, peanuts, ginger, red onion and chicken.

Veggie roll- two spring rolls filled with vegetables.

Vietnamese roll- two rice paper rolls filled with chicken, mint, sprouts and spicy chili. Served with hot sauce.

Dim Sum- five steamed dumplings. Chicken/ sweet potato/ seafood/ beef/ spinach.

Sumatra Sate- four Yakituri skewers with chicken marinated with yellow curry, coconut milk and peanuts.

Chef's roll- a lettuce roll filled with tempura dipped sea bream, ginger, dill, cilantro, Soba noodles, flour and peanuts.

Charlie Chicken Wings- with honey/ hot chili sauce.


Sweet and sour- a spicy thick stew with egg drop.

Traditional corn- a thick sweet soup with egg drop.

Classic Won Ton- a fresh broth with a dumpling filled with vegetables and chicken.

Authentic Japanese miso- with Wakama seaweed and tofu in Japanese style.

Shiyau- a thick stew with Wakama seaweed , beef strips, tofu, cherry tomatoes, onions and cilantro.


Mushroom salad- fresh Champignon mushrooms, zucchini, peppers and an onion mix served on lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Wi's Salad (invented by the boys in the kitchen)- chicken or tofu, zucchini, peppers and an onion mix served on lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Crisp Entrées

Served with steamed rice and our secret sauce on the side.

Sweet and sour chicken- crispy Tempura dough filled with chicken.

Lemon chicken- chicken wrapped in fried beer dough with a gentle sour taste.

Sesame chicken- chicken breast wrapped in sesame.

The Great Wall- sweet and sour chicken, lemon chicken, sesame chicken, fried dumplings, veggie roll, tempura salmon and Thai fries .

Kids Schnitzel- a very thin crispy chicken breast wrapped in panko shavings served with fries/ rice.

Wok Entrees

Served with steamed rice

All wok entrees- 48 NIS

Briani chicken chicken breast in coconut milk, Indian piquant curry, spicy chili, ginger, mushrooms, onion and coriander.

Pad Kapau- chopped beef, coriander, ginger, garlic, white onion, chow chow pepper, hot chili. Served with rice and eggs over easy.

Coconut Chang Mai- chicken / beef / tofu strips in coconut milk and red curry roasted with basil and an onion mix.

Persian- a Persian stew of fresh salmon cooked on a low flame with Persian rice, ginger and coriander.

Tempura Cashew- chicken/ beef strips wrapped in tempura sautéed in sweet chili and cashew.

Szechuan go go- chicken/beef/tofu sautéed in a pepper trio mix in Szechuan sauce.

Champignon shoots- chicken/ beef/ tofu with Bamboo shoots, champignon mushrooms and an onion mix with a touch of clam sauce.

Broccoli cashew- chicken/beef/ tofu sautéed with broccoli flowers and champignon mushrooms followed by cashew.

Tsunami- chicken/beef/tofu sautéed with hot dry peppers, peanuts and honey.

Noodles- Straight from the wok

Shangazu (Chinese pad tai)-ginger, green onion, beans, hot chili, black beans, tofu and coriander.

Singapore heat- chicken, hot chili, caramel, mint, cold cucumber salad.

Countryside noodles- tofu/beef/chicken sautéed with vegetables.

Countryside veggie noodles-noodles sautéed with vegetables.

Leek and salmon noodles- fresh salmon slices, leek, garlic, mushrooms and an onion mix based on sweet chili sauce.

Afghan- green noodles based on green curry and basil with chicken/beef. Broccoli, green beans, Champignon mushroom and onion mix.

Veggie Afghan- green noodles based on green curry and basil with broccoli, green beans, champignon mushroom and onion mix.

Eggplant Shogun- chicken strips, tempura eggplant, onion mix and mushrooms with Sichuan sauce.

Shanghai Noon- Shiitake mushrooms, beef slices, onion mix and butter.

Coconut Afghan- green noodles based on green curry and basil with chicken/beef sautéed with coconut milk, a bit of red curry basil and bamboo shoot based sauce.

Smokey goose- smoked goose slices, onion mix and zucchini.

Salmon coconut- with basil and bamboo shoot in a coconut and red curry cream.

Pad Thai- with slightly tart rice noodles with chicken/beef served with lemon and peanuts.

Veggie Pad Thai- served with lemon and peanuts.

'Flied lice'- fried rice sautéed with cabbage, carrots, corn, cucumber and tomato. With salmon- additional 4 NIS

From the sea

Served with steamed white rice

Steamed Salmon in a Bamboo Case- with garlic shavings on a root vegetable platter.

Hot Sea Bream- sea bream fillet in a boiling pan with garlic, ginger and coriander.

Tempura Calamari

Black Tiger Panko- black tiger shrimp covered in panko.

Black Tiger garlic & butter- black tiger shrimp followed with white wine, garlic and butter sautéed with champignon mushrooms and green onion.

Hoso Maki

8 pieces

Cucumber     18                             White fish tempura 22

Tamago         18                             Avocado                     18

Kanpio           18                             salmon                       20

Salmon skin   18                           spicy tuna                  26

Red tuna         22

Maki combo   24

Special sushi

Singapore roll I/O-fresh salmon, asparagus and avocado wrapped in salmon with a touch of spicy mayo.

Manhattan roll I/O- chopped seared salmon, tamago, kanpio and hot chili wrapped with panko.

Foto Bau I/O- Emek cheese, salmon skin, fried sweet potato, tamago and hot chili.

Rainbow I/O- tamago, avocado and kanpio wrapped in salmon, tuna and white fish.

Avi Yakdu- salmon, avocado and kanpio wrapped in tuna with a touch of spicy mayo.

Yakuza Special I/O- tempura red mullet, tamago, kanpio and avocado wrapped in salmon with a touch of spicy mayo.

Salmon Tartar- fresh chopped salmon with a little mayonnaise, chives and avocado wrapped in avocado.

Foto maki

Salmon Avocado 32                                                    salmon panko

Salmon, chives and tamago in a crispy wrap 38

Red Tuna                                                                    Hiroshima

With carrot and avocado 32                                        shrimp, salmon and spicy mayo 34

Shrimps                                                                       Tai Chin Tuna

Tiger shrimps and chives 34                                       spicy tuna, avocado and spicy mayo 32

Smoked                                                                       tempura Shrimp

Smoked salmon and cream cheese 32                       with chives and kanpio 39

Foto sweet potato                                                       White Fish

Salmon, fried sweet potato and spicy mayo 32         tempura white fish with fried sweet potato, chives and spicy mayo 37

Skin                                                                              Vegetarian

Salmon skin, chives, fried sweet potato,                   avocado, cucumber, carrot,              spicy mayo and kanpio 32                                           tamago, kanpio, oshinako 28

Special TC

Salmon, chives, 'Fromez' cheese in                            Extras

panko and avocado 38                                                vegetarian/fish wrap 8

                                                                                    tempura          5

Sushi sandwich

Vegetarian                                                      Red Tuna and Avocado 32

Tamago, avocado and cucumber 30              white Fish

Salmon avocado                                  with chives and sweet potato in panko 38

With spicy mayo 32                                        Emek cheese

Salmon skin                                                     salmon, chives in panko 38

With hot chili and kanpio 32


3 rose like rolls- salmon, tuna, white fish 28

Nigiri 2 pieces fish/vegetarian 22/18


Single serving combination 14 pieces

4 salmon avocado I/O / foto red tuna

4 foto salmon sweet potato/ foto akin

1 salmon nigiri

1 tuna nigiri

4 maki salmon/ maki smoked goose     56

Single serving combination 18 pieces

4 red tuna I/O / foto smoked

4 thai chin/ vegetarian

4 salmon panko

1 avocado nigiri

1 tamago nigiri

4 maki cucumber/ maki avocado           62

Double serving combination 24 pieces

4 sushi sandwich

4 salmon panko/ foto tai chin

4 salmon sweet potato I/O / foto smoked

4 maki smoked goose/ maki kanpio

1 salmon nigiri

1 tuna nigiri

1 avocado nigiri

1 tamago nigiri

4 foto Hiroshima                                 82

BIG IN JAPAN combination

4 Avi Yokado I/O

4 foto bau I/O

4 Manhattan I/O

4 Singapore I/O

1 White fish nigiri

1 Salmon nigiri

1 Tuna nigiri

1 Avocado nigiri                                  96

Juice bar

Freshly squeezed juices

Carrot, apple, orange, orange and carrot , apple and beet,

orange- ginger- mint , etc.

Price per cup     14

In a half liter bottle 22

lemonade/ Red grapefruit       12

Ground lemon mint juice 22

Cold beverages

Coke, diet coke, coke zero, fuse tea, sprite, diet sprite, Fanta

, root beer, mineral water 12

Sparkling water 10

Hot beverages

Long/short espresso 8

Double espresso 10

Macchiato / double 10/12

Latte   12/15

Tea flavors 14

Chines tea pot 20

Hot apple cider 18

Alcoholic drinks

Sangria glass/ Pitcher 26/68

Wine cider   26

Sake –served hot 26

Niguri sake- served cold 28

Ashi beer 24

Singa: tai beer   24

Kirin: Japanese beer 28


Mystic sunrise 24

Mai tai     24

Bangkok lychee 24

Cherry Blossom(non alcoholic) 22

Meal deals


56 NIS

For starter:

Chinese salad + soup of your choice


Crispy/wok/noodles/ sushi


Meal deal with drink 66 NIS


Meal deal 'from the sea': the entire meal is in the price of the entrée.

We invite you to continue the Asian experience at home with our Store Products:

Half liter bottle of freshly squeezed juice   16

Fresh handmade noodles 20 NIS per kilogram

Authentic sauces: sweet chili, classic sweet and sour, soy, teriyaki   18

Spicy mayo, secret recipe rice vinegar sauce 22